looking up hill

…there is a row of dwarf sour cherries.  these are non-varietal, meaning that they were grown from seeds that were open pollenated at the u of sk research farm.  the seeds were destined for destruction but given to me in 2006 so that i could learn to raise dwarf sours.  in need of a deep freezing to stimulate germination i placed them in a small thermos cooler to protect them from mice and put the cooler in a snow bank in december, removing it when it finally melted in march.  i broadcast these in a raised bed the next spring and grew them there for a year, transplanting them to a protected field location the next year, and then to their present location where they now stand up to seven feet in height.  they are an afterthought in every respect and freeze off most years.  this year this tagalong refused to be upstaged by haskap and produced its first full crop on some trees…



destined for wine.  jelly.  syrup.


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