when plants talk

…the first week of november 2014 a friend phoned and said that a relative of his had just ripped out all his berry blue honeyberry plants using a tractor and chain, and that the plants were sitting in my friend’s farmyard and did i want them?  …i hooked up my trailer and drove over to have a look  …there they were…mostly bare root…luckily dormant…so i figured it was time to experiment…i dug 300 holes with my post auger in the almost-frozen soil…stuck them in…covered them up…and went away, anxious for spring to come…


…this is what has happened over the past – now – three years…


…this is one i did not trim last fall…

…it ain’t exactly the healthiest looking specimen, is it?! 😉

…so last fall i just mowed down the whole row…and here’s what’s coming back…


…rick sawatzky told me years ago that if i’d just shear off each plant for the first couple of years rather than be so anxious to have them bear that the bush would come back incredibly thick…

…he’s right…

…that’s a lot better…and we will let the entire row go back into grass rather than plastic mulch…the roots are well established…competition will not hurt it much…or at least we’ll find out (another experiment!)…and we won’t be constantly tilling it…we will leave this row for the cedar waxwings uncovered as a way to appease them as they migrate their way through our orchard on their yearly dining course here for a week of feasting…


…it’s looking like a plan…something that the plants themselves are dictating…it just taken me a bit to hear them…


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