…a clear winner!

…this is clayton wiebe…he was a malt barley researcher at the u of sk…we met and became friends at the first annual meeting of haskap canada way back when…he’s a wizard…perhaps even a grand-wizard when it comes to haskap…


…he was already engrossed in all-things edible-blue-honeysuckle (EBH)…and he grew some open pollinated (OP) seeds off of his blue velvets that he had in his test plots…


…and of course anyone can grow EBH from seed…i’ll show how some day…anyway…he had all of the blue velvet that he wanted to get rid of…about 70 and he told me that he was going to rip them out and throw them away…gasp…so i drove out and we meticulously placed them all in pots…and they came home in october of 2011 i think…and we put them in holes in the ground in a nondescript area and just let them be…these are they on the right…best bushes in the whole orchard…meaning full and thick and productive…


…and of course they are each one different than the next because they are OP…but one of these bushes wins the prize for being the earliest to be furthest into version…


…and even this undeveloped they taste pretty darn good…looks like the haskap season is on here in zone 1b/2a…


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