not a bird in sight

they are gone…just like that…not so in others’ orchards…friends have 400 plants and if they did not carefully net then their plants would be picked clean…not so with ours…not so…it seems that our friends believe that the waxwings nest in their spruce groves, which are extensive on their property…and may work to explain why our sparse spruce both stand out so much amongst our aspen as are a gift to us in that they both are visually stunning in our bush and don’t provide enough harbour for these birds to be any more than passing guests…and it seems to be a grace given to us and this place that even as the idyllic site of our orchard evolved in our consciousness as an ideal space for these plants over time so the threats to the orchard’s viability has turned out in the end to be minimal as well…

…it is always the greatest of ironies that even as we fought this week to attach and reattach the netting during four days of raging winds…so the birds had their way anyway…and are now gone…one of the gentle follies of our lives that really isn’t worth becoming upset over…

…next week i will start to tear out our electric fencing around the orchard…which was connived to keep out bears, but mostly my neighbour’s cattle which for 16 years regularly invade our property throughout grazing season…and whereas the cattle don’t steal much of our hay crop…i think we have better plans to keep them out…and the electricity doesn’t so anything to keep out wildlife, period…which wander through on a regular basis anyway and never cause any problems with the haskap…


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