dancing in the clarity of perfect contradiction

berry picking begins tomorrow…the bushes are heavy with fruit…as are the apples, dwarf sour cherries, and chokecherries…yesterday I removed a mile of electric fencing wire around the haskap, winding it onto a spool…it had been in place for nearly ten years….

…long-time friends stopped by a couple of days ago to ask when berry picking would start?…gentle souls in love with life…and haskap…for them picking is a love affair…how can I keep my haskap interred behind a fence?…there has been a total face lift on the character of the orchard by removing this wire!

…whether you like it or not you will never be free if you play a role that is predetermined for you…the freedom of an artist is found precisely in the choice of work and not in the choice of a role, even one that society asks one to play as ‘artist’, for reasons that social architects will always find hidden, mysterious, obtuse, and un-reasonable (thank God)…



Every plant that stands in the light of the sun is a saint and an outlaw.  Every tree that brings forth blossoms without the command of people is powerful in the sight of God.  Every star that people have not counted is a world os sanity and perfection.  Every blade of grass is an angel singing in a shower of glory.

– Merton, Raids On The Unspeakable

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