…there’s a line in christian scripture that has always intrigued and appealed to me…in that verse god invites people to come and buy and eat for free…the words are from the mouth of isaiah…the name isaiah means god saves…and this is how god saves…it’;s whimsical…economically playful…refusing to take life too seriously…so playfully it’s our delight to freely share the natural bounty of this orchard…most people pay something…it’s up to them…but none have to…we cracked up recently when we saw another local orchard advertising their berries for $25/lb…like whoa…that’s $150 per gallon…i bet those must be some damn-good berries…i’ll have to go give a pound of theirs a try…


…we get more fun out of watching people enjoying themselves
than any amount of $ we’d never make…
…and laugh ourselves to sleep at night at the simple notion
of homeless people enjoying this $150/gallon food…


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