We planted our first 75 edible blue honeysuckles in 2005.  In 2008 we added 1,000 U of SK haskap plants. Our orchard currently contains nearly 3,000 plants including: HASKAP (U of SK designator) – Borealis, Tundra, Indigo Gem, Indigo Yum, Honey Bee, Aurora; HONEYBERRIES – Berry Blue, Blue Velvet OP crosses, and EASTERN HEMISPHERE ANCESTRY OP SELECTIONS – Amfora, Dimzas, Fialka, Leningradski Velikan, Kitoy, Morena, Nymfa. We also have a few of OUR OWN OP EBH NON-VARIETALS.

We were a part of the development of Haskap Canada, attending and signing on at its organizational meeting. Our goal now is to both offer a place where anyone in our region may come and to pick for free and to compassionately give away this exceptional fruit to the poor, the homeless, and those to whom this extremely healthy food is least available.

Our orchard is chemical free in all respects, and is thoroughly isolated from outside pesticides, herbicides, and commercial fertilizers. We were certified organic for many years, however, this certification cost us hundreds of dollars a year and since we give this fruit away we eventually allowed this certification to lapse.  We still work our orchard using the same organic protocol as before.  We are licensed propagators with the University of Saskatchewan and produce plants for free distribution to people who are likewise willing to openly and freely share their fruit.

This blog is simply a record of our orchard and may not apply to your orchard, plants, skills, or goals; it is certainly not meant to be a guideline by any means, but may be useful in comparing similar results in similar conditions.