While many of the utensils and equipment used for dyeing are already used in your kitchen some dyeing components are not edible.  Dyeing utensils and pots should be dedicated to dyeing only and need to be stored in a separate location from kitchen equipment.

img_4089_1Stainless steel and glass (Pyrex) will not influence the dyeing process.  To save money these utensils can often be found at garage sales and flea markets.  Stainless steel pots can be bought at dollar-stores cheaply.  Use of iron pots, for example, affect the outcome of dyeing, which may be something that you want, but experimentation will be needed for consistent outcomes.

Protective clothing should be also be used in order to protect the one dyeing from heat, stains, and chemicals and includes: comfortable chemical/heat resistant rubber gloves, aprons, and footwear.