IMG_5271t_1Lonicera caerulea, haskap, honeyberries, edible blue honeysuckle. Since 2006 we have met many people who have used all of these terms interchangeably.  We do not.

For the purposes of this blog both terms, edible blue honeysuckles and Lonicera caerulea, will be used interchangeably and refers to all plants in this genus and species including honeyberries and haskap. The more particular terms – honeyberries and haskap – will refer to the respective groupings of corresponding selections that have been developed since Maxine Thompson first brought her original plants to the USA in the 1990’s.

The haskap selections that live in our orchard include: Borealis, Tundra, Indigo Gem, Indigo Yum, Honeybee, and Aurora. When we use the term haskap we are referring to these selections.  If we use the term honeyberry we are referring to Berry Blue, which we began using as a pollinator for the first generation of haskap.  (While each generation of haskap selections can pollinate one another, a less related plant that flowers at the same time will produce a larger berry…which was the original purpose of using Berry Blue.)  If we use the term EBH (edible blue honeysuckles) it is generally in reference to the non-haskap/non-honeyberry selections in our orchard.