Haskap Dye

We are weavers and we dye animal fibres with our own natural dyes produced from local plants.  Are you interested in dyeing with natural colour?  Check out our new category and subcategories listed under our header page (above) entitled ‘Haskap Dye‘.

haskap-dyed wool skeins

hang on!



…vast amounts of haskap berries still hang on to their bushes on August 25th, 2017…these berries are slightly softer than at the beginning of the season, but are still quite turgid and are flavourful and sweet…pictured above are Borealis plants where we removed the netting yesterday from the entire orchard and are letting it dry for a couple of days before packing it away…this netting has lasted six seasons although is mostly worn out…we will pack it away and evaluate it next year and perhaps use it again in conjunction with new netting for even greater protection…

holding it all together

…while our bale netting is in tatters..and even when intact has holes too big to be an absolute preventative…we’ve discovered that by leaving it on even when the pressure from the birds let up it greatly stabilizes the bushes in wind…you can see a whole community of plants pulling together as one!