Berries, 2018!

After a very dry spring we got rain…lots of rain.  The berries are hanging in clusters from the selections we planted five years ago…Honeybee and Aurora.  We officially open on Canada Day.  Anyone can come and pick as much as they like for free.  It will be a bumper crop.


stepping up and taking responsibility

…yesterday we canned five dozen jars of haskap jam destined for CW houses of hospitality…this came from some of the berries we harvested the day before, which amounted to less than two rows of haskap…we have a dozen more rows to harvest….and that’s in the old orchard alone…this is all bound for independent communities that feed, and clothe, and shelter the homeless…


Last week we freely distributed the last of our haskap designated for such.  70 more 6 cup bags of cleaned, washed, and frozen berries…a total of 100 bags over the course of the season.  It is our nature to care and to give.  It is the right of all people to have equal, free access to the best food; it is a sign of the degree of immorality of both people and states to only provide the best food to those who are most wealthy.  Haskap itself is at the top of the list of the nutritionally best world fruits.  No chemicals were used in the production of this fruit.  We share our haskap freely through soup kitchens, food banks, and direct distribution.

Along side of the haskap we also hauled potatoes and turnips…over 500#’s worth…