Berry Wagon

In the past we have always moved our equipment to the field piecemeal.  We harvest by hand.  This involves a lot of trips.  And while the orchard is right outside our door it is still a bother.  So this week I took a day and built a flat deck onto an old running gear from a truck that we had sitting in disuse.  I added a substantial rear rumble-seat deck onto the back that is large enough to hold our generator we use.  Now everything can be taken to the field at one time and moved with us easily as we proceed down each row.  I used a mix of pine tar, linseed oil, and serpentine to seal the deck.  It gives it a rich colour and is non-petroleum based.  The deck is five and a half feet wide and sixteen feet long made out of scrap one inch spruce lumber I had laying around.  The generator deck is made of two inch spruce and is three and a half feet deep and five and a half feet across.


Berries, 2018!

After a very dry spring we got rain…lots of rain.  The berries are hanging in clusters from the selections we planted five years ago…Honeybee and Aurora.  We officially open on Canada Day.  Anyone can come and pick as much as they like for free.  It will be a bumper crop.


fall haskap

…still hangs on the bush…

…two unpicked rows of haskap bushes remained when we finished our formal picking…a small group of cedar waxwings lingered long after the majority moved on…in spite of this and it being nearly three months after we began picking, berries still hang relatively heavy on these bushes…much has also dropped…but it amazes us to see this amount still on the bush…shrivelled, but tasty…we sat in the orchard today with our dogs and just ate…

twenty eight gallons…

…picked, washed, cleaned, bagged, and frozen yesterday…on their way this morning to privately supporting those who have less access…all for free…all from hearts of compassion…workers who set their lives on hold to meet the needs of others on their terms…



10 friends.  5 hours.  laughter.  sweating.  a few select bushes left with fruit.  [fresh picking for another week.]  freezer’s chock-full.  everyone leaving with bags upon bags.  yesterday.  season’s end.