haskap orchard tour tonight

…trimmed and mown this is > 1/4 mile of haskap running along the foot of the north face of Thunderhill, MB…almost 3,000 plants of both old-world and new-world stock…haskap, honeyberries, and Siberian/Ural/Polish/Asian-steppe proto-genetics…a brief tour from one end to the other takes three and a half minutes and runs across three soil types of this glacial deposit piled against this massive ice-thrust formation…various stages of development, planting, and testing are each visible along the way if you know what to look for, in addition to fully producing plants…the video is not the best quality, taken at the end of a long day of orchard trimming and work, and before a coming storm front, but is telling for now and something that we are glad to show and share…the majority of this fruit will be donated to soup kitchens, Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, and a monastery for their self-support, in addition to local families and homeless who have less access to the needs of life…and this fruit is better than just the needs of life…what an irony that those most in need get the best for free.

The Gospel takes away our right forever, to discriminate between the deserving and the undeserving poor.

– Dorothy Day