cold in the cold…yum!

…ever since i was a child i have always preferred sherbet to ice cream…so one of our children gave us an ice cream attachment to our Kitchen Aid blender for Christmas…last night i made sherbet…haskap sherbet…and put it in the freezer…and today it is simply most delicious!!!


Haskap Sherbet –

1 cup sugar
2 cups milk
1/4 cup light corn syrup
3 cups haskap, thawed, crushed, drained for juice

Combine sugar, milk, and corn syrup and heat until hot over medium heat, but do not boil. Set aside. Process haskap. Add haskap juice. Cool 8 hours in refrigerator. Freezer bowl also needs 8 hours in freezer. Assemble unit. Start agitator on #1 setting. Pour in sherbet mix. Mix until desired consistency. Place in freezer in airtight container.

WARNING: This is intense haskap flavour!