…rising…airlock perking…yeast procreating…sugar depleting…alcohol increasing…taste buds salivating…


1 gallon haskap juiced
4 gallons clean water
12 cups cane sugar
3.5 tsp yeast nutrient
1 tsp tannin
1 package wine yeast
rock and roll!

…this stuff is insanely tasty!!!


Not appetizing to look at, juicing turns one berry into two possibilities. Slurry can be used for spreads or wine making; juice may be used for jelly, wine, dye, or drunk fresh.  Juice was pasteurized.  Bottles were sterilized.  Dye was added.  Instructions were included.  Off they went.  This batch of dye went to Manitoba Weaver and Fibre Artists Guild for free…one more community that should benefit from our good fortune.  Juicing was done with a Champion commercial juicer that I rewired to 240V.  Fun!