Our History

We first encountered haskap in 2005 when were were a part of field testing U of SK apples on our farm.  When the U of SK offered their first edible blue honeysuckle non-varietals for trials we planted 75 of them in our apple orchard.  These remained stunted for a year until we gave them their own space, sun, water, and mulch, at which time they took off.  Then in 2006 we attended the first U of SK field day…and then the second, and third, and fourth and fifth.  In January of 2007 we attended the foundation of Haskap Canada and signed up, later serving on various capacities and on its board of directors.  In 2008 we planted 1,000 haskap plants – mostly Tundra and Borealis – and began writing the first haskap blog, Haskap Wine which simply served as a clearinghouse for all of the information that was coming out on haskap.  We began writing our second blog – Edible Blue Honeysuckle Basics – that recorded our own orchard’s experiments at a time when nothing was known about how to raise this crop.  With a quickly accumulated 100,000 hits between these two blogs these provided budding haskap orchardists with a lot of encouragement and info on the plant and its growth, which we shared freely.  Over time we expanded our orchard.  This was not done for economic reasons.  It simply took shape more artistically than anything.  It took on its own presence and became aesthetically pleasing to simply sculpt the hillside with fruit.  Our orchard now provides people with a free and abundant source of haskap in a beautiful and pastoral setting, regardless of income or station in life and draws like-minded people together every year as we harvest as a community to  the ends of serving people who for whatever reason cannot do so for themselves.