we were there…

…in 2005 when the U of SK offered their first edible blue honeysuckle non-varietals for trials (75 planted in our apple orchard failed until we gave them their own space, sun, spring water, and mulch…)

…in 2006 at the first U of SK field day (and second, and third, and fourth and fifth)

…in 2007 at the foundation of Haskap Canada, later serving on its board of directors

march 09_1
…our yet-unplanted but soon-to-be orchard…winter 2007…

…at our own planting of 1,000 haskap plants – mostly Tundra and Borealis – in 2008

…writing the first haskap blog – Haskap Wine – which simply celebrated this debutante’s coming of age

…writing our second blog – Edible Blue Honeysuckle Basics – that recorded our own orchard’s experiments

…with an accumulated 100,000 hits between these two that provided budding haskap orchardists with a lot of encouragement and info on the plant and its growth…and which we shared freely, as should be done amongst compassionate people


…haskap’s become a member of our family

…and now we use this medium as it was intended…as a visual/media-heavy opportunity to expand our mutuality with this fruit so that we go beyond mere description, and numbers, and procedures, and data, to actual care, both for this plant and for people

…sorta like this…